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Head of Laboratory

Lada Kalaitsidou-Tsamourlidou

B.Sc., M. Sc., - CHEMIST,


Member of the Association of the Clinical Laboratory Directors Biomedical and Clinical Laboratory Scientists,

Member of the Pancyprian Union of Chemists

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Preparation for analysis



Accuracy and reliability of laboratory results depends not only on the quality of reagents and laboratory equipment, but also to a large extent of the preparation of the patient and compliance rules for collection of biological material.

to collect biological material (urine, feces, sputum, semen, etc.) use a special sterile containers, which can be obtained free of charge in our laboratory before the test.

If necessary, you can consult for your the preparation of analises on the following telephone numbers:


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QQC laboratory was founded in 2008 and now ranks among the best in the field of laboratory diagnostics.

QQC laboratory - specialized lab with a full cycle. Every patient receives a full range of services and a high level of service.

The main research directions of the laboratory:

  • hematology
  • biochemistry
  • microbiology
  • hormones
  • allergology
  • tumor markers
  • immune status
  • autoimmune disease

QQC Laboratoryis equipped with the latest equipment from leading manufacturers. Reagents and test systems guarantee the latest generation of high-precision analysis.

Our advantages:

more than 700 types of research

reasonable prices

convenient location - downtown

equipment from leading manufacturers

multilevel quality control

high reliability of the results

deadline in most analises - 1 day

opportunity for additional research without repeated blood sampling for 7 days

safe and quick procedure of taking blood

program to protect patients from infection during blood collection and smears

guaranteed anonymity research

results can be sent to the customer by fax or via email